Photo: David Elmes, Harvard University

Photo: David Elmes, Harvard University


It is my pleasure to welcome you to my personal website: I am a visiting scholar at Harvard University, a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, and an op-ed contributor at the New York Times.

My work is in politics and religion, and the influence their narratives have on societies around the globe today: after exploring and researching at the Vatican, Al-Azhar-University in Cairo, and the Faculty of Theology in Turkey - mostly looking into the Western and the Muslim world - I will now be traveling to East Asia to study Confucianism and its impact on the societies in Asia, in the capacity of a visiting scholar to both Taiwan National University and Hong Kong City University.

This website aims to inform you about my academic and journalistic work. You can also book speeches, keynotes and lectures through this platform and dive into my latest editorials and interviews.

Many thanks for your interest.


Alexander Görlach

Cambridge, May 2017



Founder of Save Liberal Democracy is an online-magazine, launched at the end of 2016 featuring a series of interviews touching on the mechanics of what makes for a liberal democracy. The magazine aims to combate the populists in today's political arena. SLD has contributions from, amongst others, Noam Chomsky, Niall Ferguson, Francis Fukuyama, Steven Pinker, Danielle Allen and Vint Cerf.

Senior Fellow Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Alex, who is a Senior Fellow of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, was interviewed by Stephany Sy in the Council's series "Ethics Matter" about the threats to liberal democracy nowadays and how to combat populists.


Author for the New York Times

In September 2016 Alex became an op-ed contributor to the The New York Times, where he comments on developments in contemporary Europe. The op-ed "Germany's War over a Word" reflects on the Abendland (Occident) as a slogan for Europe's far right to demonize Muslims and refugees. In "Why Islam Gets Second-Class-Status," he discusses the legal framework of non-Christian religions in Europe.


TEDx Talk on the advantages of the humanities

In his TEDx talk "Letters and Numbers," Alex lays out his ideas on the values of the humanities in the concert of sciences: As economists claim to be able to decode the world by numbers, Alex would argue that language is key to understand how humans operate.