Alex founding editor in chief of is the new magazine on “Technology, AI and Ethics”, Alex is the founding editor in chief of this new media outlet. In its mission statement he says he wishes the magazine to become

“…the leading voice that engages in the debate about the future of humankind in the light of digitization – who we want to be, how we want to live, and how technology will help us live up to these ideals and concepts.

Therefore, we are gathering voices from computer scientists, AI pundits, machine learning prodigies, and experts in the humanities, philosophy, history, and ethics alike. It can only be helpful to look into the change at hand from various backgrounds.”

Alex is the founder of the debate magazine The European that he also ran as its founding editor in chief from 2009-2015. He is therefore experienced in leading a media outlet aiming at fostering discourse and spark discussions on relevant, hot topics. His academic work at Harvard and Cambridge University let him to reflect on the narrative of work in the age of AI. He published this paper with the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications, in Mai 2018.

Please tune in and give it a read!

the design of the new magazine

the design of the new magazine